How To Win A Woman’s Heart On The First Date

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Win her love

Lets face it, most guys would love it if there was a way to win a woman over on the first date. That way you could just get down to business and start enjoying a relationship right away, rather than needing to wait and go on a bunch more dates before she warms up to you. This begs the question – what are some best practices for a first date to help you impress her and ultimately win her heart?

Well, the first thing to be conscious of is the way that you are being perceived by her. This means knowing exactly what a woman pays attention to and notices about a guy that she is on a date with. This will make it much easier to score high points in these areas.

When a girl prepares for a night out with you, she goes through a lot of trouble. She chooses what she’s going to wear with a lot of care and spends a lot of time and money sprucing and primping up for you. Whether you like it or not, she expects you to do the same for her.

You may take a little less time dressing up but there are a few essentials you have to pay attention to. Look clean and properly groomed. You may not show absolute devotion to style or fashion but you have to look presentable – nails clean and cut, clothes well-pressed, hair combed, face scrubbed fresh. You should smell good – no halitosis, no body odor.

Also be sure that you don not allow yourself to get rusty with your conversational skills. A girl expects to be entranced, if not with exceptionally witty and over-the-top intellectual talk, with at least interesting banter. A girl wants a date who interests her, and who is interested in her. Once you are past the “I like how he/she looks stage,” you have to impress her by how you carry on a conversation.

Do not do a monologue. An exchange of ideas, and light amusing banter, is what will keep her interest glued on you. And if you are able to draw her out of her shell by the interesting questions you have for her, and a sincere interest to find out her answers, you are definitely in for a follow-up date.

And finally, make her feel special. A girl is impressed by the lengths to which a man will go through to keep her happy, amused, interested, and delighted. So be solicitous of her needs. Be the gentleman she wants you to be – open the car door for her, pull out her chair, ask her what she wants to eat, and make sure that you pull out all the stops so that she enjoys this fine night with you. Do all these and you are in for another, and another, and another date with her, if that is what you want.

The Ex Factor – How to Deal with a Broken Heart

A broken heart is difficult situation to deal with. It can affect every aspect of your life from work to relationships with friends and family. But you are a tough person you can get through this heartache. Pick yourself back up and put the pieces of your broken heart back together. (If you want a shortcut, try The Ex Factor by Brad Browning.)

How to Deal with a Broken Heart

Dealing with a broken heart takes time. You have opened yourself up to a person willingly and trusted him wholeheartedly it is understandable that you are in pieces right now, but it is time to move on and find Mr. Right. Here are some ways you can cope with a broken heart:

Get Rid Of His Old Things

His old things lying around in your room may bring back memories of the good and bad times you had together. You can start the moving on process by getting rid of his old things lying around in your apartment or house. Clinging onto his old things is not good for you because you will always think about him, and there will always be something that will remind you of him.

Be Civil

Just because you broke up does not mean you will be a snob. Ignoring him or being a snob to him will show that you still have feelings for him. Show some respect and be civil at least. Show him that you are the better person and have gotten over him by being civil.

Go Far Away

Take some time off from the stress of your life by going to a country that you have never been to. You can mend your broken heart faster by going on an adventure. The adventure will add some spice in your life and help you forget the past. You will also learn things about yourself by traveling.

Getting Mr Right

It’s not too late to find your Mr. Right
It’s not too late to find your Mr. Right

It’s not too late to find your Mr. Right. If you have struggled to find Mr. Right you are not alone. This is an issue the troubles women of all age group, because it can be a struggle that goes on for years and years. In fact, sadly a large percentage of women are never able to find the right guy to settle down and start a life with.

However, there is hope. There are resources available like Carlos Cavallo’s Forever Yours to help women find, catch and keep good men that are available online. While there is a far bit of shady information around as well, it’s our mission to provide you with the best advice possible to help you seize the day and get the man that you have always dreamed of in your life right now.

One of the most important first steps that you need to take is to stop believing all of the lies that you read in magazines like Cosmo that will only hurt your self esteem and get you confused about how men really think. The thing to remember about magazines like that is that they were created to make money, not to help you have a successful personal life. So you really need to take what you read in those sorts of magazines with a grain of salt, a big one.

Also, as you begin to work on improving your dating life remember that if you are at war with yourself it is going to be very hard, if not impossible to create something peaceful, magical and special with him. So be conscious of your inner state and remember to nurture yourself, as it is the first step to creating a warm and nurturing relationship with a man.

Special Words To Attract Men

The power of words…
The power of words…

Many women falsely believe that the best way to attract a man is simply to work on looking good. While it is true that a hot looking woman will typically be able to catch the eye of most men, the really good catches out there need a lot more than just good looks to win them over.

I know what you are thinking, but I don’t mean learning to cook for a man, being a great mother to his children or keeping a tidy house. While these things are all great, what I am talking about is learning how to talk to a man, in the words that he needs to hear in order for him to f all in love with you!

No! I don’t mean talking dirty to him in bed (Although that can be fun). What I’m talking about is learning to communicate with your man, in a way that makes him feel like you can love him like no other woman in the world can, so that he’ll be your forever.

While this may seem a little far fetched, the truth is that most good men (and I emphasize “good men” rather than just knuckle-head goons) are really looking for one good woman to settle down with. The problem is that most guys just don’t know where to find such a woman because they never meet women who really seem to “get” them.

The sad truth is that most of us get a wee-bit possessive and controlling when we find a guy that we think could be Mr. Right. This is natural, we don’t want him to slip away, but I think that the big mistake most of us make is that we end up pushing good guys away because we just come on too strong and guys are really turned off by women who try to pressure them into relationships too fast.

The way to get around this is to talk to a man in a special way so that he feels like you really understand him, and then not to pressure him at all. If done correctly, I believe that this combo (special words, and no pressure) can make the biggest “playa” out there want to wife you up!

What are these special words, well that’s something I plan to explore in future posts, but for now I just wanted to get these thought out there and see what you think! Thoughts?